Four Seasons Film Festival Making Headlines

Four Seasons Film Festival 2019 has been making headlines, as our adventurers and filmmakers have been speaking with various journalists and publications ahead of this years event ... with a quick round up of articles and interviews below:

World record breaking ocean rower Megan Hoskin caught up with Lisa Francesca Nand from the Big Travel Podcast to talk about her incredible achievements as part of the all-female Pacific Terrific crew, which features in the short film "Why Row An Ocean?" Listen to Megan's interview in the episode here.

Adventurer, ultra runner and star of shirt film "All That's There", Jamie Maddison also spoke with The Big Travel Podcast about his incredible endeavors, nomad Life in Kazakstan, camel life in Uzbekistan and more. Listen to the episode here.

Big mountain skier Nat Segal and former Freeride World Tour competitor Nat Segal, chatted with Style Altitude and Lessons in Badassery about her new film "Finding the Line", which has it's UK Premiere at Four Seasons Film Festival on Friday 22nd March.

Ocean Rower, Lia Ditton set off from San Fransisco Monday 25th June 2018. She arrived in Santa Barbara on Saturday July 7th 2018 having rowed over 350 miles in 12.5 days with her journey the subject of "Perseverance - California Coast Row". Lia also took some time to speak with Lessons in Badassery about the film and her remarkable achievements to date.

The film sees Nat and her X Games and Olympic skiing sister Anna go on a quest to define and understand fear - also received media coverage with Fall Line Skiing Magazine - alongside our other ski related screenings of "Zabardast", "Yūgen" and "Beyond the Pistes".

Four Seasons Film Festival also featured on London Live news - as our Founder and Director Cameron Hall was joined by Co Founder of Globalshots and Director of "Beyond the Pistes" Bethany Mercer and Megan Hoskin of Pacific Terrific who stars in "Why Row An Ocean?"

Check out the full interview below:

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